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How The Successful Entrepreneur Overcame The Worse Of It

Growing up a black man in poverty, dropping out of school after the 11th grade and becoming a 3-time felon by age 20, now two-time best selling author Jay Morrison had the odds stacked up against him. Not only did he turn his life around to become a multi-million dollar real estate entrepreneur, featured regularly on daytime television, he also founded several businesses to give everyone the opportunity to join him.


In between consulting with celebrities and writing best-selling books, Jay Morrison launched the Jay Morrison Academy (JMA), an educational organization with a mission to provide financial literacy for those – who like him – weren’t taught wealth creation at home or in school. The goal of the Academy is to bridge the wealth gap and repair minority communities by using creative solutions that will put them in a position to control their financial future. 


But, it doesn’t stop there. After impacting tens of thousands of people through wealth education, Morrison went a step further and has launched both Funding and Investing platforms - after realizing again that big corporations were not catering to the people.


EZ-Funding provides entrepreneurs with small business funding allowing them to avoid the limitations of traditional banks paired with educational resources to help grow their business. 


Additionally, the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, named after the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots, is the first real estate crowdfunding effort geared towards African-Americans and allows members of the community to invest in cutting-edge, high-return projects for as little as $500.


The Jay Morrison Academy, EZ-Funding and Tulsa Real Estate Fund were all thoughtfully cultivated over many years, emerging out of Morrison’s own upbringing and sense of what the urban community could benefit most from. Morrison’s passion for social awareness is shared by his very talented wife Ernestine Johnson, whose own business sense helps mold many of the programs and services offered by the JMA brands. With loyal support from family and dedicated staff, Mr. Morrison has cemented himself in the community as a leader and influencer for financial empowerment and wealth creation.  


Not bad for a kid who started out selling crack in Somerville, N.J.