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Building A Bigger Platform For Mobilizing Constituents &  Addressing Current Issues

The "Hip Hop to Homeowners: How We Build Wealth In America" novel authored by Jay Morrison himself is the catalyst by which we debunk the glorification of pop culture’s detrimental ideas of spending money carelessly and living for the moment. Advocating for education, personal brand and social responsibility is paramount to a necessary shift in mindset that positively impacts our communities. We believe that speaking out when others may choose to remain silent, bringing attention to the role of the men and fathers in our communities to stand in their power and protect our women and children is the groundwork necessary to create a generational blueprint for our young kings and queens. Our platform is being used to grow a broad network of thinkers and do’ers that we hope to inspire through our action, protesting when necessary, educating ourselves on wealth strategy & ownership, pride in appearance & community and healthy dialogue and relationships.